The Back Pages

The Back Pages

Son and Cynic, Vicoda

Fri, February 16, 2018

7:00 pm


This event is all ages

The Back Pages
The Back Pages
The Back Pages started off with Tim Kelley coming home from Iowa City, Iowa, back to La Junta. Tim got back together with Charlie Hayden and Patrick Stedman, who have been friends and band mates since they were 13. After a while of writing songs and composing music, they made an EP called, "Shifts" in 2011, and played a handful of shows in support of it. After some time away for family, the band regained momentum in 2015 and wrote a full batch of songs this time around. The resulting album, "A Few More Ways to Live" was recorded, mixed and mastered by The Back Pages over the winter of 2015-16, at BarnHouse Studios, in Rocky Ford, Colorado, and released under BarnHouse Records in April. The Back Pages played a long list of dates in support of, "A Few More Ways to Live" between June and September of 2016, during which time they picked up a long time friend Tyler Trumble on Bass. They then returned to the Studio in the winter with another long time Friend, Luc Richard, to write a follow up effort...To Be Continued.

Charlie and Patrick are both Certified Audio Engineers and graduates of The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Gilbert, AZ.
Son and Cynic
Son and Cynic is an Indie band with pop and experimental tendencies from Denver, CO.
VICODA, pronounced similarly to Dakota, is an anagram of the abbreviations for Virginia, Idaho and Colorado. The band formed when the five members found themselves in Colorado in early 2017. With a penchant for electric performance, the band combines Bhatt's powerful yet sultry vocals with T. Hougardy's funky riffs and Palmer's atmospheric solos. Together with Combs's and D. Hougardy's driving rhythm section, the band is a promising addition to the Denver music scene - where it hopes to anchor roots for many years to come.

The band has an intricate history, beginning when Shivani Bhatt (lead vocals) met Chris Palmer (lead guitar) in their Virginia high school. The two bonded over performances at school concerts and fundraisers, and continued to play together in college. It was then that the pair befriended drummer Jon Combs; after Combs shot a mini-documentary for their band, he later joined Bhatt in another Virginia musical venture. Meanwhile, across the country, Idaho brothers Trevor Hougardy (lead guitar) and Devin Hougardy (bass guitar) played together growing up, swapping guitars and classic rock repertoire. After going separate ways with musical ventures in Chicago and Minneapolis, T. Hougardy and Palmer met via the Chicago music scene when T. Hougardy's band needed a new guitarist. A few years later, T. Hougardy moved to Denver, where D. Hougardy was residing - and with the addition of Palmer, Combs and Bhatt, VICODA formed to pay homage to its roots - both old and new.
Venue Information:
Moon Room
1902 Blake St.
Denver, CO, 80202