Free Throw

Free Throw

Head North, Two Cloths and a Barrel, The Backseaters

Mon, November 20, 2017

7:00 pm

$12 Advance// $15 Day of Show

This event is all ages

Free Throw
Two years before Free Throw formed in Nashville, the Memphis Grizzlies made national headlines for their grit and grind. Some not familiar with basketball may assume this was another phrase describing the team's tireless work ethic, After all, it seems to be what brought them two consecutive playoff appearances. Journalists and analysts actually claimed this grit and grind was actually their disruptive defense. A free throw is usually given to a player usually disrupted by defense -- so when unintentionally borrowing grit and grind from their home state's NBA franchise, Free Throw went on the offensive. Consider the band's signature play: a three-guitar attack which stacks raw immediacy with large-scale aspirations. Sometimes this arrangement is abrasive. The chorus on Two Beers In, a track detailing the internal conversations of a partygoer, seethes with rage. Other times it's more nuanced; How I Got My Shrunken Head finds elastic guitar lines tripping over one another before fading out with a delicate ring. What connects these two different threads is Cory Castro's frayed vocals, gaining their power from a violent shout and their confessions from a measured whimper. Combine that range with a set of lyrical themes that play out like an uneasy three-way phone call and what remains -- their 2014 LP Those Days Are Gone -- fills speakers with a darkness offset by instrumentals which sway and bend with warm nostalgia. But what fills most of Free Throw's golden playbook is a commitment to winning their own way. After strings of DIY touring circuits and an intense love affair with their van, it's clear to see their blooming, road-tested legacy answers to no one but their enthusiastic audiences. With their live sets packing rooms across the country, not without alcohol and crowd sing-alongs in tow, it seems this grind has paid off so far, with the grit packing their songs with not just unrelenting talent, but the forward-thinking energy to match
Head North
Head North
cosmic rock
Two Cloths and a Barrel
We are three musicians collaborating together to make one sound, under the name "Two Cloths and a Barrel" (2CAAB). We make music that we truly enjoy and hopefully other people will enjoy too. Our musical influence comes from all over and many different genres. The goal of 2CAAB is to collaborate to create what we are feeling into music that people can enjoy and connect with. To contact us email:
The Backseaters
The Backseaters was started by Jake Cook in 2012, with the sole intent of making music that he himself would want to listen to on his own time. One thing needed to be made clear; and that was that, no matter what, the music had to be 100% honest, heartfelt, with nothing to hide. Combining the influences of The Gaslight Anthem, Death Cab For Cutie, and countless other bands, the Indie/Alternative Rock sound was formed. Although numerous demos had been released here and there, so people could get the idea of the sound, the first official Backseaters release was their EP Mailboxes; written, recorded, and performed by Jake Cook. Shortly after releasing Mailboxes, a full line-up was recruited to perform the songs live! After 6 months the line-up had minor changes, but resulted in the final duo being Jake Cook and David Jerusik. Jake and David performed for about 6 months together before going back in to the studio to record The Backseaters' first full-length album, A Place To Rest Your Feet. The band has only been gaining more and more momentum as time goes on, and it's just a matter of time before they take their honest, whole-hearted sound to the top!
Venue Information:
Moon Room
1902 Blake St.
Denver, CO, 80202