Punk Rock Bowling Pre-Party

Punk Rock Bowling Pre-Party

All Waffle Trick, Flight Kamikaze, The Larimers, Blue Lane Frontier, A Poor Choice

Thu, June 1, 2017

6:30 pm

This event is all ages

All Waffle Trick
Hailing from Denver, All Waffle Trick carries the flag of quintessential pop-punk, and colors it with shades of ska and melodic hardcore.

With an irreverent and in-your-face attitude that shines through their recordings and fun live shows, the trio blinks an eye to the 90s, influenced by artists such as Blink-182, Green Day, Millencolin and The Offspring.
Flight Kamikaze
Fast and loud music from Denver, Colorado.
The Larimers
Started in 2013, from the ashes of My Black Cloud, Sean was looking to start a band like he was into listening to. He had recruited the drummer of My Black Cloud, Tony, but wasn't sure who would fill the other spots. Placing an ad on Craigslist he found Josh & Ryan and The Larimers were born. Before playing their first show they went into the studio and recorded their first demo's of 'Realized Setbacks' & 'Friends & Family.' In August 2013 they played their first shows at 7th Circle Music Collective & 3 Kings Tavern in the same day. From their they played several shows with some great local Denver acts The Potato Pirates & Denver Port Authority, as well as some touring acts, namely, Swinging Utters, Stabbed In Back, & DC Fallout. Taking a break during the winter of 2013-14, they went into the studio to record their self titled EP (available at http://thelarimers.bandcamp.com/) at Green Door Recordings with Felipe Patino engineering. They played a few shows here and there with Dun Bin Had, Rust Belt Light, and The Hotelier before releasing the EP in March of 2014. It was picked up by punknews.org and dyingscene.org and they started to pick up more speed. They were asked to play with Masked Intruder & Authority Zero in the same week in May. After those two amazing shows and making new friends with Wiredogs & Torches to Triggers, The Larimers again went back into the studio to work on yet another couple songs they had added to their roster. They finished their recording in June and in July they played with their friends, The Windermeres CD release party. After a great show, the band decided to part ways with their bassist Josh and their drummer, Tony, and Ryan then picked up bass to fill the void. Sean & Ryan found Garrett and the three started jamming in August of 2014 and played their first show with Garrett to a small crowd at the Lions Lair. Now, they are gearing up for their first West Coast tour and the release of their 7" both in October.
Blue Lane Frontier
Jackson will be at a record store and reaches for the same record as a girl with purple hair. They will brush hands accidentally in the process, instantly falling in love. Since she is real hip, and all the good underground synth pop is in Portland, that is where she and Jackson move after dating for a while. Devastated, Jake and Emily remain in Fort Collins for the rest of the year, then decide to move in with Jake's cousin in New York, where they make copious amounts of sad boy music in their bedrooms and take the train into the city every now and then for grilled cheese. In a fit of newfound pretentiousness Jackson will cease to keep in touch with any friends who are not extremely well versed in synth pop (he also has a stupid haircut that mostly covers his eyes). Meanwhile, Emily and Jake sing super angsty songs and wear sweaters often. After a few years of this, Em and Jake move back to Colorado, and soon after finally hear from Jackson. His stylish synth pop wife will have dumped him for a Dutch sheik metal keytarist, and in the shocking upheaval of the breakup, Jackson will realize he has not been living the life he hoped for. He will get the zebra stripe dye washed out of his hair and trade in his leather thong for some comfy and familiar boxer briefs, as he returns to his friends in Colorado. Thus, Blue Lane Frontier is whole again. They drink chocolate milk shakes and hang out in diners, feeling alright to be alive, unafraid because they have each other. And vintage furniture.
A Poor Choice
Punk Rock from Evergreen, Colorado.
Venue Information:
Moon Room
1902 Blake St.
Denver, CO, 80202