Silver and Smoke

Silver and Smoke

I Was A Fire, Two Clothes and a Barrel, July Davis, Generation Nomad

Thu, March 2, 2017

7:00 pm


This event is all ages

Silver and Smoke
Ty Bray (vocals, guitar), Dino Ianni (Lead guitar, saxophone), Diego Valenzuela(Drums),and Rick Brown (Bass).The foursome Draws from a huge variety of influence in their songwriting, including blues, classic rock, soul, folk, country, Alt rock, Pop, ska, punk, bluegrass, jazz, and even classical. It all boils down to something they call "Western Rock." Since their formation in 2015, Silver And Smoke have been tireless in their efforts to become Colorado's next big thing.
I Was A Fire
I Was A Fire is an indie folk rock group from Denver Colorado, with members Dylan Sonke, Paul Buscarello and Mike Ring.
Generation Nomad
We won't settle for 'good enough', we want to blow your mind.
Venue Information:
Moon Room
1902 Blake St.
Denver, CO, 80202