Fall Of Scylla

Fall Of Scylla

Cyclonus, The Murder Protocol, Inficier, Rise As Legends

Sun, February 26, 2017

7:00 pm


This event is all ages

Fall Of Scylla
Death Metal band based out of Denver, Colorado.
The Murder Protocol
We are a Deathcore band based here in Denver Colorado. We have been working on this project for well over a year now, and we keep growing and growing as a band. We are the Murder Protocol, so most of our songs are about Serial Killers or killing of some sort. We are Negativity. Don't come to our show expecting positive thoughts, you will be disappointed. This is a hard hitting, heavy, shit your pants kind of metal, this is not for the weak. Come out to a show and see what we're about.
We have a pretty solid lineup and we are ready to take this thing
to new levels and heights. We have all been in bands for a long time, and we want
to have fun first and foremost.... and second, we want to be the heaviest band
in town! Check out our friends:
Inficier derives itself from the journey. The journey being the darkened, endlessly changing, landscapes of metal. With that in mind, Simon Klemesrud-Daly (Bass, Vocals) and Jesse Cristofaro (Guitar) created Inficier, solely focused on the creation of adventure inducing music through the extreme terrain of metal. Soon after releasing the single "Tragedy Foreseen", Connor McLaughlin (Drums) and Adam Quijano (Guitar) were added to the ranks completing Inficier's union, and solidifying the future of Inificier. The journey is still continuing with the release of "Spurred by Fire" marking not only the hard-hitting presence of inficier in Colorado's music scene, but also another vector of change in metal. Inficier plans to release more music very soon with an EP on the horizon with plenty of shows coming up.
Venue Information:
Moon Room
1902 Blake St.
Denver, CO, 80202