Jun 8, 2014
Door Time: 8:00 PM

Day: Sunday, June 8, 2014
Door Time: 8:00 PM
Age: All Ages
Advance Ticket Price: $10.00
Day Of Show Price: $12.00
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Moving Units
The club lights are low. The dance floor is a sweaty blur of shadows. You can feel the blood and adrenaline surging through the crowd. There’s a band on-stage and they are telepathically connected to the audience—making bodies bounce like it was a feat of mind control. This is Moving Units and this is their natural element: unadulterated grooves and constant motion. 

The most difficult task for a scorching live band is replicating that energy in the studio. And on their third LP, Neurotic Exotic, Moving Units succeed with the same acrobatic agility, flamboyance, and dark erotic imagery they’ve channeled since their inception.

The tone is set from the title of the first song: Attack Everything. There is no time to hesitate and nothing is left behind. It is a 40-minute blitzkrieg of searing sexy guitar riffs, propulsive synthesizer riffs, and urgent drums fit to detonate any dance floor. 

Think a long-lost album of Italo-disco covers of Sonic Youth songs and you begin to get close.

It’s about that universal experience and adventure of being young and free to ramble, “ says Blake Miller, founder of Moving Units. “It attempts to capture the same feeling you get whether you’re exploring the city with your friends or road tripping across the country. And of course, it still brings the sleazy sweaty live dance party feel that Moving Units was founded on. ” 

Moving Units have bottled this since their 2002 EP debut. When Blake Miller first started writing demos and recruiting band mates to help expand his vision, the idea of fusing dance music and indie rock was practically alien. Alongside groups like Franz Ferdinand, The Killer, and Bloc Party, Moving Units were at the vanguard of bringing body-rocking grooves to scythe-edged rock and roll.

“Back then, no one danced at shows in LA. There were always industry people trying to play it cool,” Miller says.” We wanted to shake things up and make people dance.” 

Tastes have changed. Members have joined and left the band. And this is the first Moving Units full-length in six years. But the locomotion inspired by their music remains immutable. Credit the ease with which Miller has merged into contemporary dance culture. A DJ himself, Miller’s remixes with Steve Aoki have earned tens of thousands of spins worldwide.


Common Anomaly
Common AnomalyFour friends with four years together playing music that fuses dance and electronica with their own blend of rock. Their polished, high-energy live performances have earned them a growing loyal fanbase and a regular schedule of shows all over the Colorado Front Range, where they have played with fellow up-and-comers The Photo Atlas, Sour Boy, Bitter Girl, Elway, Arliss Nancy, Wire Faces, Post Paradise and The Knew, to name a few, as wells as opening for national acts such as the Appleseed Cast, Colour Revolt, Weatherbox, Bear Hands, Biffy Clyro, and Royal Bangs.


Vatican Vamps
Vatican Vamps
Based on the resume of musical artist Nat Lort-Nelson (The Bunny Gang, Richard Smallwood) a multi-instrumentalist you’d expect a rambunctious sound of Punk, Reggae and Gospel, weird, but true...but you’d be wrong.
Nat plays a hybrid of Alternative Rock that includes all the  energy and spirit of the orthodox. Do not be in a slump of nay-saying however, the spirit does not condone a depressive state. Rather, Nat beautifully gives the listener a music portrayal of hardship in the arial trance of guitars but the sound of triumph over evil in the hard hitting rhythmic grooves. There's only one word to describe it, epic.to sit down and play it out for you.